Patène Artectura — Concrete Staining

Imagine concrete flooring and paving that is innovative enough to capture and complement the beauty of the surrounding environment, yet durable and easy to maintain. Imagine no longer. The Patène Artectura system offers the design flexibility and versatility you’ve only dreamed about. From office buildings to retail centers, hotels and restaurants to theme parks, single-family homes to one-of-a-kind custom mansions, Patène Artectura provides a unique flooring and paving alternative for any style.

Specialty systems for creative concrete solutions.

The Patène Artectura system is a combination of several specialized processes blended to create unique concrete flooring and paving options. Designed to enhance the beauty of any project, Patène Artectura blends creative techniques in coloring, patterning, texturing and finishing methods to achieve customized results. Applications include patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways, entries, plazas, common areas, courtyards, lobbies and interior flooring — to name just a few.

Turn new or existing concrete spaces into beautiful places.

Add special effects, unique highlights, decorative accents and custom designs with the Patène Artectura system. Patène Artectura can be used in new construction or combined with our Bomanite/Bomacron imprinting system to create dynamic and distinctive hardscapes. Patène Artectura is also the ideal system for redesigning the aesthetic appeal of existing concrete surfaces, where expanses of plain, gray concrete transform into beautiful and appealing surfaces.

Unleash your imagination with a call to your local Bomanite contractor. Because the system is individualized and custom designed for each project, Patène Artectura offers a virtually unlimited range of options to fit any design criteria or budget. Coordinating with your local Bomanite licensee, you can unleash the true potential of your next project.

Still want to learn more?
Visit the Bomanite Corporate Website for Patène Artectura Technical Information.